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The sheer amount of questions I have will be like reading a book as opposed to having a teacher answer the questions! And perhaps a friendship would be made! However, since you asked... allow me to go CaRaZy with questions!

Starting off with my experience knowledge, it was like a year ago and I hit lvl 30 as a ranger I believe.

1: We are at the starting line. The gun shoots to begin the race. What is most important? Do quests with most EXP first? I remember the first time using mushrooms to get a book that makes you get more exp or something whenever you discover items, is that still a thing?

2: What do you guys do with your first 30 minutes of gameplay (Even if it involves using RL $$)

3: Bam, level 10, I assume at this point you grind PvP and join/create a guild?

4: How do you spend your mushrooms to try and keep up with the headrunners? How much would 1 expect to have to pay to stay in the top 30 (Assuming time isn't a factor).

5: Lets say you hit level 20, are your priorities changing in quests? Do you still just pick the highest exp yeilding quest? If so, when does that change.

6: I've never had a pet before, is that later in the games?

7: From the threads I've read, you usually pick the slower mount first, then get the higher one after, is there a reason for this? Instead of going for the higher mounts right away.

8: Everyone has their own opinions as to what is strongest for PvE / PvP. From what I recall, hunter tends to lead the front with highest lvl. Early on, mages own dungeons more than everyone else? Warriors are super beefy end game?

9: I have a million more questions, I'll let these be the starting few.
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