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I'm lvl 430 Mage on the first server I started. I'm nearly lvl 400 on two other servers I play on.

I am a guild leader on one and an officer on the other two.

People are going to disagree with what I'm going to say, but that's what makes the game fun - we can ALL play the game we want. There are no hard limits on how you play the game. It is NOT linear!

You ask how to start out. It depends on if you want to go for gold or exp. Do you want to be uber strong or do you want to level fast? There are advantages to both.

If you go the gold route, and I have seen people go this way, be 30 levels below me, and KICK MY BUTT, then you will have super high stats.

If you go the EXP route, you are going to level faster, you will initially get more gold (maybe) because you are leveling faster, and you will move up.

For ME, I started exp for the first 50 levels, then I moved to gold until lvl 150, then went exp until lvl 392 (which is when you hit the exp cap for each lvl - 1.5 bill) and now I'm back to gold hunting.

You mention PvP a lot - I, personally, have used the arena a total of maybe 50 times over 430 levels, and 10 of those were recently in order to acquire one of the achievements. Many people love the arena (PvP) - I'm not one of them. Yes, I'm losing out on some exp, because you get exp for the first 10 battles you win in the arena, but it's just not something that thrills me, so I don't use it. Again, that's just me, and I'm sure people would disagree about the arena.

You asked about the scrapbook (the book you said you bought with shrooms - now you find it in the magic shop after you hit level 10, I think) - yes, it's very much still in use, and vital to playing the best game possible.

I'm not sure who said buy a low level mount at first, but ummmm, nope. If you want to be competitive, then get your griffin/dragon, and get going. When I first started playing I thought I would be JUST FINE with the tiger mount. I quickly found out I was wrong once I started using the griffin, and I've never went back - in 6 1/2 years.

Mushrooms - buy thirst, keep your griffin mount. Those are the two best ways to use your shrooms. I play 320 thirst a day on all my servers. No one can say how much you'll spend. I do not waste my shrooms. I don't use them to skip tasks. It has to be a heck of an epic if I'm going to buy it from the shop (not just 3 or 4 extra stat points), etc. My shrooms are for my mount and my thirst, and MAYBE every 4 months for epics (because at my level, we don't see a lot of huge stat point jumps on new epics).

The pets are a new thing. When you reach level 75, the pet arena opens. You get pet eggs in quests and one or two in the shops. You get fruit from quests and defeating other pets in the pet arena. You feed your pets to build them up. For every pet you find, you get a bonus to your stats.

Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages. I have never played a warrior, and from all of the complaining, I never will. They seem to be at quite a disadvantage across the board.

Maybe because Mage was my first character, but I'm still in love with her. She started off hard because she dies so easily, but once I had her built up, well, I have 38 million hit points and 15 mill damage. She's a beast.

I play scout/hunter on the other two servers. They are good. They are strong. I still prefer my mage. I'd read the threads saying how overpowered the scouts were and when I started my new servers I made my characters scouts. I don't see them as overpowered; they are simply just as strong as the others. It is all in how you build up your characters, if you put gold toward the substats (the ones not your main stats), and the gear you choose/get lucked into.

Ultimately, take advice, listen to others, but PLAY YOUR GAME. Do not allow anyone to say to you, "This is how you must play if you want to be in first."

I am in first place on my mage server. I've been there for 3 years. I don't attack in the arena. I get attacked, but I win. I switch between exp and gold, depending on if I'm close to a level. I have a griffin at all times. I play 320 thirst a day, without fail. I have a 99% full scrapbook. And I love this game, because I've always played it my way.
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