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Unhappy well...

It is quite sad, that Playa does not give a s**t about problems.
Sometimes I am thinking if is really worth to support them, why do I spend money for games?
Usually when I do so, I want to support developers in order to make game better.

Playing this game so far 7-8 years(since the beginning) and almost all changes were done in a way to milk/squeeze more money from players.
Seriously why the heck they still keep that stupid concept of catapult e.g....
Twister was just quick update(took few monsters which has been already in database and put them together...also their power/lvl is not accurate according to player's lvl/power) and many other patches... Guess this is for another topic...

And yet again, I am gonna repeat myself.. It is completely OK support developers for better results. (monthly spend like 400-500+-)

But I am kinda loosing my patience with this game...Maybe it's time to look around for better one?

@Leander I guess no info at all from our "dear" developers right ?...

Sorry for my whining guys but it is very frustrating to lose every day against much much weaker players than you. Not being rewarded for more spent time(effort) than others...
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