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Originally Posted by Edthard View Post
How many LOWER clans would JUMP in and fight to the top if over 1/2 the people in the UPPER clans disappeared?
Wouldnt it be Interesting to see ALL the new battles, as people figure "WOW, we have a chance to get to the TOP"..
I don't like this idea. We kicked a dozen of the inactive players from our guild several months ago and now we have only 3 inactives that we keep for their knights. I don't want to lose these knights so I don't think players should disappear. If Playa are going to hide(not remove) inactive players, they should give us the option to make them visible again in case we need them for the scrapbook. Hiding players however will create a problem with the hall of fame ranking (I am rank 5 among the visible players, but rank 13 among all???) Also I don't see what the benefits of this hiding will be. What I do when I search for active players is: go through the top 6-10 active guilds (total of 500 players); check for potions and mounts; check for gems and twister epics; if I like a player, check in fortress and pet hall of fame... It's not that much work if you are going to do it every few months. What you could do to indicate any form of activity is add a little circle in the avatar corner that glows in either green or red to show the current online/offline status and probably show a tooltip when you hover on it: "Last active yesterday 14:30" or "Last active more than 14 days ago";
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