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Default Upgrading Luck

One thing I learned from playing World of Warcraft is that the mathematical model for determining the best stats to invest in can be complex, and can change from one day to the next depending on your current gear and the stats on it.

In S&F, I don't see many people upgrading Luck, which improves critical hit chance. However, I think this may be a mistake, since you will get an increasingly smaller payoff from each point of your primary stat, whereas every 1% increase in crit chance always equals 1% more damage (unless there are hidden counters to this built within the combat system).

The downside is that your Luck score is "normalized" with each level, meaning your crit chance decreases each time you level up. However, one thing we don't see in a game like WoW is an increasing cost for each point in an attribute.

So it's complicated here too.

Has any member of the US or German community modeled PvP combat in S&F and published guides showing the best point investments as they scale over time, by class?
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