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Itz, I'm glad they're going to look into the bug, but they're going to have to be a little more creative here.

I used functionality they provided to generate that item, at a cost of close to 100 mushrooms. I understand they can't reset the shop, but I paid for something that they then took away. Here are some examples of what they could do in this scenario:
1) recreate the epic as it appears in the logs and apply it to my character after making the appropriate gold and mushroom deductions.
2) track the number of mushrooms that particular frenzy used and reimburse me that amount of mushrooms.
These are both POSSIBLE solutions, not what I'm demanding, but I am quite sure that Playa can do a lot more than give me a "tough luck" pat on the shoulder here given that they are responsible for the loss in this case. I am certain that someone at Playa games cares more about my gaming experience than your response would lead me to believe.

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