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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
Cause they cant make money from coins hence the use of shrooms if you want to finish quicker.
They already make money on the coins: playa gets paid every time we watch a video.

The question is how much the player gets paid for watching a video.

Since mushrooms can be bought at 3000 per $100, they are worth 3.3 cents each.

When it comes to questing, the dragon griffon costs 25 mushrooms for 2 weeks. 50 quests per day for a shroomer, that is 700 quests for 25 mushrooms. Under the original tube, that was 700 quests for 25 videos (1 mushroom per video). or 28 quests per video.

The flying fox was a major downgrade: 3 quests per video, almost 10 times worse. And since the videos could only be used for quests: you could watch them till your eyeballs fried and you would still not be able to buy an epic or a POEL refresh the store, or skip a quest. For that you would need to spend cash.

The wheel would seem to be a mixed bag. You get 1 free spin and need 90 lucky coins to do your max 9 more: that is 30 videos a day. Since there is one mushroom icon on a 10 item wheel, and it seems to pay 3 mushrooms, you should average 3 mushrooms a day. That's an average of 1 mushroom every 10 videos. Since a mushroom buying a dragon griffon mount is worth 28 quests, we get on average 2.8 quests per video. So slightly worse than the fox, but with two advantages. One you can spend the mushrooms on something other than mounts. Two, the wheel spins that don't give mushrooms give other stuff. From what I've seen so far, the stuff they give isn't worth a whole heck of a lot: crappy items that sell for peanuts, small amounts of gold, wood, stone, or XP.

If a person is offered enough videos per day the do the full 10 spins, with the wheel they will have, on average, an extra 58 mushrooms every month after paying for your mount. That will almost pay for 4 POELs. Nothing left over for epics or store refreshes.

Bottom line: if you want to shroom, you are going to have to buy them. No way to do it with videos any more.
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