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Originally Posted by goku View Post
Do you think Peppryon is able to defeat Humbuzzish?
Perhaps you could beat it, but do you need to beat it now? You need to have a plan for defeating the boss. The best option at the moment is to go for Mantiflame. We are too far from New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day so there is nothing else left to choose. So your target should be Mantiflame and you can get it in 5 weeks (35 days). If you go for Infernox, you need to feed him up to level 65-70 to be able to defeat Mantiflame. That's roughly 2 strawberries everyday. Do you think you can do that? If not, you will have 28 more days waiting so it doesn't matter whether you will go now for Humbuzzish and probably spend 10 more fruits on Peppryon with nothing in return. Just try to calculate the average strawberries per day you got so far and if the number is below 2, I would say go for Humbuzzish. If it is 2 or more, start leveling Infernox immediately.

I wish I could sound a little more encouraging, but at the late stage of the game you need to be prepared for long periods of waiting for the right pet.
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