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Originally Posted by Fairie View Post
Cashew, I think we've been over this before. It clearly says in the FAQ that the final boss, the tenth layer monster of each dungeon, is a guarantied epic. It might not be a very good epic but it will have the extra text signifying it is in fact an epic, but it is only guarantied for the final monster. If this is not true you should contact the admin immediately as this is a major bug. The other 9 monsters in the dungeons are a different story. Did you beat 8 dungeons in their entirety by level 80? If so please take a moment to brag.
Funny, since that's 100% untrue. I've completed 2 dungeons already and haven't had an epic on the 10th boss on either of them. I got an item from the 2nd dungeon (NOT an epic), and gold from the other.

So even though it says that in the game FAQ, it's actually not true. And I'm not the only one that has experienced this, either. Someone else was complaining about not getting an epic from the last boss on the first dungeon, and others pipped up that they didn't, either. This isn't news.

So no need to get your panties tied in a knot, sweetcheeks. When I complete 8 dungeons I'll be back to let you know how many epics I got from final dungeon bosses