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Default The Black Brotherhood

Deep in the forests of Blackwood, in the grove called Darktree
There lived a band of bandits,
and from the rules of kings they considered themselves free

They lived their days by drinking and eating
and when their stock ran out,
They survived by killing and stealing

This band was filled with the misunderstood
who were shunned from society
and now tried to live as best they could.

One day, they had a stoke of luck
When a king passed into their territory,
A king, who was rich as... Well... duck.
Rich as duck.

The band of thieves decided to ransom,
for the amount of gold paid for a king
Would be quite handsome

And so the King's men sent much gold
but of the king,
the bandits still kept hold.

Tricked and embarrassed, the King's men decided to hunt the Bandits,
for this insolence they could not take,
into Blackwood they went with the intent to cut the fiends to little bits.

After a week of walking, climbing, and trekking.
They chanced upon a black tree,
and from that tree, the king was hanging.

Soon, after not so long, people learned
Not to enter Blackwood,
for not one of the King's men ever returned

So it was, that the king and his men, never made it out of Blackwood
and word spread far and wide
that the king fell victim to the Black Brotherhood.
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