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Originally Posted by Bullbound View Post
The gold bonuses didn't go into effect on time. They went in later.

I really appreciate you trying to help, Bull. I can see you jumping across all the different threads and forums trying to help. But when you don't really read the statement or question, your answer doesn't really help.

I am aware that the bonuses didn't go in on time. I even sent you a PM about something I thought I had read about that issue. And in my post I did say that I started my shift BEFORE the server was reset and the gold bonuses were in place and it finished AFTER the server was reset and gold bonuses were in place.

Maybe I am using the wrong terminology, and for that I apologize. I am not talking about the midnight reset, but the reset where the gold bonuses were actually put into play. The reason I say "reset" is because that is what the message stated when I went to my guild tab. "Server has been reset at xx:xx".

But thank you for trying to help. It is a lot more than other people do.