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That should go without saying, as a... what are these things called again... 'Meek amends?' 'Weak friends?' 'Weak ends?'

Anyway, these two-day long periods at the end of each week, they consist of 48 hours, according to my advanced algebraic calculations. Even for slightly weak-minded and spastic game developers, that remains a fact. Question is, are they apt, able, capable, competent enough to read a calendar and set their watches?... Or, actually, can they even tell which hand is which?...

@Playa: the fat, short stick shows the 'hour,' the long skinny stick shows the 'minutes.' Now, there may be an even longer, skinnier stick moving round the usually round, flat surface with markings - dots or lines, with or without numbers next to them (oh, bother... at this point we may have to teach them the Arabic and Roman numerals, it just dawned on me...); if that one is moving really quickly compared to the other two, it shows the 'seconds.'

I hope that helps. (Hopefully that should ease their task, and things will go more smoothly this time... Blimey... let's hope we don't have to begin by explaining the concept of time to them. That'll just have to be another lesson.
All this could take a while... Well, maybe the next event roll-out, maybe they'll get that one right... by accident.)

As to when it will end... Blackhatnot, do you really still hold out hope they told anyone here?...
Knowing the way they operate and communicate?...
I, personally, gave up on such hopes, for the time being. I'd welcome a pleasant surprise regarding their willingness and conscientious efforts to communicate with their support staff and their consumers, the players - something like a 180 degree, diametrical change in their attitude towards us all - but am not holding my breath at this point...

My guess is, the answer will be 'we don't know.' (Surprise us.)
Still waters run red...
...behave and be mindful...

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