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Default The Bard Returns

From far away on a land unknown
Traveled a bard with little renown,
He left home to seek inspiration and talent
and returned with a smell very potent.

He traveled deserts and snowy lands,
and almost lost both his hands.
Meeting as far as a Lady most beautiful
to an Orc most dutiful.

His journey was both dangerous and happy
as he stayed in lodgings not considered shabby,
and learned many a song
Songs nice and long.

Returning to the land he knew,
smelling the cold morning dew,
a tear falls from his eye,
As he returns to the land to which he said "Bye"

Returned a Bard skilled
and a brain filled.

* Stay tuned for the story of the journey of the Bard! please comment with feedback and suggestions if you wish ), I'm back baby.
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