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I can honestly say, though I liked #1, I'm not all that enamored with fart jokes. So sadly, most of the humor made me sigh more than laugh.

As for number two, i'd say it focused on the theme a lot. It seems to have attempted humor by referencing (another mmo online game) and such, but it just isn't that funny.It was ok.

Number for number three, all I can say is, writing in Shakespearean is more than just tossing in a Shakespearean line here or there. This was my least favorite of the submissions (no offense to the person who wrote it).

Number four was my favorite. The references as well as the jokes were suitable to my tastes. I think it combined the two mediums quite well.

The fact that #1 is winning is very indicative of the mental age's of those who at least are willing to vote on this contest.

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