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Originally Posted by Sersemina View Post
I wonder if any of you is still going for Mesmerit. My Eyeorwhat is already level 31 and I am not throwing that away. Just calculated that a level 86 Mesmerit has roughly the same stats as a level 100 Eyeorwhat. The higher level pet will have an advantage in weapon damage and health. Since my target is Knilight, there may not be enough time to boost Mesmerit for the epic event in 33 days (if we count the today's feeding + the feeding on the epic event Sunday). I would say I get about 2.5 fruits a day per element so I could get as high as level 84. That's not good enough. The fix is a little late for me. Do you have any other plans?
Well my target is Heraldon and I think its a gamble since Heraldon is a mage but I'm going to try to get Mesmerit to 100

I waited for Mesmerit, and started leveling Eyeorwhat late, thinking they would have fixed the bug sooner than today. Also, I get A LOT of lemons, more than any other element. Eyeorwhat is 16 and Mesmerit is 4 with 7 lemons in reserve. Worst case is I can't beat Heraldon and have to go for Knilight. I have already cleared the Tower.
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