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Originally Posted by BMWGuinness View Post
Well my target is Heraldon and I think its a gamble since Heraldon is a mage but I'm going to try to get Mesmerit to 100

I waited for Mesmerit, and started leveling Eyeorwhat late, thinking they would have fixed the bug sooner than today. Also, I get A LOT of lemons, more than any other element. Eyeorwhat is 16 and Mesmerit is 4 with 7 lemons in reserve. Worst case is I can't beat Heraldon and have to go for Knilight. I have already cleared the Tower.
Defeating Heraldon with Mesmerit would be a big win indeed. I think you have chances to do that, but who knows - it is 14K int vs 22K int, level 100 vs level 70. Not beating Heraldon and missing Knilight in 33 days would be a big fail as well. I hope you get at least one of these two. I guess I am playing it safe here. As I look at the competition on my server I think I could go for Knilight (delay Heraldon by a month) and still be untouchable.
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