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Looking for a few brave souls to join the ranks of mithral hall. We have 132% bonuses, 2 wars a day with dungeon raids about twice a month.

We also give gaming tips and tricks to help you to be the best player you can and want to be.

Need help with the scrapbook we havetips on how to fill that bad boy quicker and easier then just random attacks of ppl.

need help with gear or stats; check can help with that as well. We have players who have been playing the game 4+ years so we know enough to be ale to help you out.

No shroom donations needed and no gold donations required only what you want to donate.

Requirements 30% or 50% mount
lvl 50+
actively working on scrapbook
willing to have fun with a fun and crazy group of players.

We welcome ppl from all countries we do ask that you can understand and write in English even bad English is fine I am use to being able to figure out what ppl want.
have fun, fight hard, die honorably

s3 s10 bobo baggins
s4 drittz
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