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Based on the equations in the Game Mechanics thread, Dex seems to be worth about 7 times as much as Str and Int. Con is hard to compare, but it's definitely at least as valuable as Dex. I keep Dex and Con at the same level and invest in Str and Int only whenever a point in one of them costs 1/7 or less what a point in Dex or Con would cost.

Luck's value is debatable. If you only consider overall DPS, Dex is worth about 7-10 times as much as Luck. However, while investing loads of gold in Luck results in lower overall DPS than if you invested the money in Dex instead, it does make you more "bursty". So while your overall damage output will be worse, you have a chance of being able to kill enemies you wouldn't be able to kill without that crit-based burst. This is particularly helpful against Mages, since it's basically just a damage race that they will usually win unless we get lots of crits.

TL, DR Stat weights:
S: 1/7
D: 1
I : 1/7
C: 1
L: Personal preference, between 1/10 and 1.
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