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Originally Posted by Lord Arse View Post
This game is all about balance. Though sometimes, you just have to alter the balance a little to advance further earlier...
It would help me more to help with advice if i knew the items you had now what there bonus are there armour rating and other pertinet details and what items oyu are going to replace them with. with out knowing the incoming equipment thats is going to replace the old equipment it is hard to give any advice at all..

For the most part if your dexterity is 150 over your constitution and your constitution is at least 100 more than you luck you should be ok stat wise so swapping in a new dexterity piece might be beneficial

but with out knowing how much constitution you would drop and how much Armour bonus you would loose or gain and what your dexterity bonus will then change to.. I have a hard time in giving advice on unknowing statistics.

SO until you provide more information to work with I am with out any advice to give to you. sorry man.
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