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Spiny, you're free to do what you want, but I said earlier, I don't think you're really benefiting that much from con comparable to the other two classes. So even if you are getting more hit point per gold invested into con, you aren't getting the same amount of hit points that a scout or warrior might get per point into con with the same conditions. However, your damage increase will be more significant comparable to the other two classes (and ultimately assisting damage against your own class as well), due to your ability to ignore armor and class abilities, which they can't.

Simply put, if you and the other two classes started off with the same amount of main stat, con, and luck. And each of you put primary focus into the con stat, Warriors will gain 5*con, Scouts will gain 4*con, and you will gain 2*con. By prioritizing hit points over damage, you'll eventually put yourself at a disadvantage against all 3 classes, since the other two will gain hit points at a much faster rate, and you will be gaining both damage and hit points at a slower rate. So I don't think you're capitalizing on what mages can do best. That's my 2 cents anyway.
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