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I can spend the mushrooms but it means i will go 5 days with out being able to buy extra thirst. I very very rarely have any money to buy 10 dollars more in mushrooms, so my amount of mushrooms has to be very carefully budgeted to last as long as possible.

If I am lucky I will sometimes find 3 extra mushrooms per week but sometimes I will only get that 1 guaranteed mushroom per day. So come the end of the week I will only have earned 10 mushrooms. But every once in a blue moon, I will end up with more than the normal 3 shrooms so instead of ending the week with only 10 mushrooms found I will find 5 mushrooms so I end the week with 15 mushroom in total added for thirst instead of 10 but some times I find none so I only end the week with 7 mushrooms found.

Also if I buy this weapon in the shop not only will I loose the thirst. I will lose that extra bank space that sometimes holds things like a back up potion or better armour wich changes my armour and will change other stat's for things like PVP in arena battles

This is a very tough choice to make. I need more advice and votes.. I should of set a poll to buy it or not buy it... But for now I am beat and need some sleep. So please keep replying people and help me out by adding your opinion to this thread.

Your thoughts on this matters so please leave your thoughts in print here for me to read later. I still have 14 hours to make that my choice on what to do...

To buy or not to buy is the question. The answer is about why I should buy it and the why I should not buy it reply
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