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Originally Posted by Edthard View Post

COn sucks for wizards, they Need some, but with a 50/50 on that few HITS they get, the bonus kills almost anything..

And waiting till level 300? is a waste then you can have a 50/50 in every battle..
I know con is not as good for mages as it is the other 2 classes but it still helps where luck spending all that gold when 25-35% it better then 50% when it comes to the number of crits u can get per battle. ( yes I know it sounds weird but it is the truth I know this from watching it for over 6 years of playing all 3 classes)

either way someone goes it is what each person thinks works best for them. But considering every server I started on and made it to lvl 200+ I was a top 10 player and usually in the top 5 beating players 20+ lvls higher then me
have fun, fight hard, die honorably

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