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Here are a few things you may not have noticed.

In regards to the first suggestion, such combining of accounts would have a high potential for an increase of game exploitation as multiple accounts have shown repeatedly why they are a bannable offense.

In regards to your personal dislike of not liking to use mushrooms to complete 300 thirst and wanting to bot instead, such actions have been combined in the past. You demand that it not be capable of maximizing experience, but bot use would find a way to do such. Also, allowing such leads to many events that are undesired such as timed personal dungeon attacks, automated wars, and more. There is a reason that the banned behavior is not allowed.

I would love to know which server(s) you are on and whom you character(s) are, because a lot of the requests are similar to a single user and do not show much flow with the actual higher level experience of the long term players. It is possible to get in the top 10 without buying a single mushroom. The dungeons can be beat faster than you list, and a lot can happen in the two weeks it takes to level that you are listing. There are many ways to gain xp such as guild wars, too.
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