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It is possible to get in the top 10 without buying a single mushroom.
I'm glad you said that cause I was starting to think that i'll never be good 'cause I am not a shroomer...

I just agree with dungeon and toilet complains..You see i'm 157 level and in last dungeon i managed to complete i got pretty bad item (i had a much better one) and the boss i am at now is 220 level...I think i will manage to beat him when i ding 200 level...that is not fair..there should be more bosses... And the toilet...i know that its not about items its about aura level...but i still have items i had like month ago...where should i get epics if not from dungeons and toilet...and i don't...
I'm not trying to be a smart-*** i just like this game and i don't wanna get bored when i get to higher levels