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Originally Posted by rvm1975 View Post
I will repeat.

If player's timezone differs from server's timezone portal acts incorrectly. Both flashing and attack possibility.

What exactly is "untrue"?
But they don't act incorrectly. They simply start flashing at midnight local time. They reset for each person/time zone at midnight.

w1 resets at 6 p.m. local time, but the portals don't reset until midnight local time.

s10 resets at 3 a.m. local time, but if I log into that server at midnight, it's flashing, though I'm unable to attack it until the game resets.

s8 resets at local time midnight as do the portals.

It's no different that when it's "day" and "night" with the pets. It's based on server time, whereas the portals are reset at local time (even if you can't attack them until server reset time).

Yes, it would be great if everything was set on one time or the other, but it all boils down to timing.

The portals used to reset at midnight local time for each person, but one of the updates screwed it up and it's never been fixed. We've had to adjust.
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