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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
What do you guys think about costs of upgrades?

They seem pretty high overall. I am not sure if it will be worth to upgrade an item ten times.

And also over 20k crystals for a socket is waaaay too much. That's like a month of dismantles.
I am a mage on one server and a scout on the other two.

The mage costs jump from 48 crystals at a 2X upgrade to 2052 for 3X upgrade. I can't even begin to wonder what a 4X upgrade would be. On the other hand, upgrade costs for gold are 10 mill each. I am getting 20 points of improvement per stat. On a 3-item epic, 60 points total. That's 600 million gold.

Scout upgrades cost less, I've noticed, by a significant amount. 500-600 crystals less, and metal seems to be maybe a little less, or maybe the same.

I don't play warrior, but from asking around, those costs are even less. There I understand though, because the warriors have another item to upgrade.

As for the gem slot, I don't have a problem with that. As I explained to someone else, at high levels, we are not getting very many epics, even if you DO shroom the shops on epic weekend. So you have an epic you stuck with for a while, you upgrade it slowly, and you end up with it 200 points higher than anything you'd get out of a shop, quest, or toilet. The only thing it is missing is the gem slot.

You are going to have something better than you have gotten, and that you are likely to get for a while. You add that gem slot to the 200 bonus from upgrading, have a 527 gem - that's 727 extra points.

I think the trade off in that case is worth it, but I've not tried to get 20K crystals yet either
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