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Default Musical ABCs

A really simple game for on a forum that involves music and possibly you-tube.


Follow the Alphabet, no skipping letters.
Try to not use the same song or artist for the same letter twice in a row. (Certain letters will be harder than others)

Use either a song title or a band or artist name starting with the letter that your post is for.

When you get to Z, the next poster of course should start things with A again.

Feel free to include a link to a video if you know of one that is good for that song - it isn't a requirement but think of it as a nice way to promote a favorite artist who might not be well known.

Let at least one person post after you do unless the thread has gone dormant for over 2 days.

**Note, The and A may be treated as 'null' words at the beginning of a song title in order to get a working song or band name.


Lets get things rolling with:


Annwyn, Beneath the Waves by Faith & the Muse - live at Dragon*con 2009

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