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Default You lose some, you win some!

Originally Posted by lspiderl View Post
i think half of recruiting is really just luck. to catch the right people at the right time.
I agree completely. Not luck so much as TIMING. Perhaps LUCKY TIMING. For instance, I've been trying to recruit this one individual for a LONG time... Oh, wait, THIS GUY...
Originally Posted by DominicS View Post
...I refused to abandon the guild....for a LONG time... What finally got me to switch was the constant conversation between the guild leader of the new guild and myself....
Yet, my timing was off because he ended up FINALLY giving in to another guild. Doh! Timing was critical and I missed it.

So, we all just keep until we get a few to stick. Like this one....
Originally Posted by Ziaxia View Post
...then I moved out of the guild I shroomed, into a guild with a few good players and even better then 100% bonuses in the long run I think I did the right thing by moving, the shrooming was painful and the move hard at first.

but I'm very happy I moved my cash hungry crew and my butt over
We're glad you did too, darling!
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