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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post

Although sometimes I have similar problems with defenses and too much resources I am against a pause button.

Fortress is all about cut-throat.
It's not supposed to be comfortable.

And nobody was forced to participate.
I have a friend in guild. He's at the bottom of rankings, he has terrible army with almost no upgrades and is currently at Fortress lvl 14.
He's only interested in getting exp, item slots and gems from the Fortress.
Cut-throat is not a problem with me. Boredom is. When it takes a week to upgrade a single structure and there isn't a whole lot that you can do in the mean time it is BOOOOOR-----ING!

Remember back to the beginning when you couldn't even mine and build at the same time? It made the fortress a fury of activity for the first week or so, then tedium.

Just like the dungeons. What's the point of attacking a dungeon every hour when the jump between level 98 and level 99 is such that you have to train 320 minutes a day for months to beat a single level. Finally, they wised up and added the shadow dungeons to add several months of interest to the advanced players.
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