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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
This just shows how uneven the classes are when it comes to dungeons I have a lvl 435 warrior with a total Str. 35169; dmg of ~5,943,155 and a con. of 27631 and HP 112,941,712 and stuck on twister 506. I hopethat at least the Blacksmith will kinda even things out just a little bit.
That's not quite true. The math behind each class is very balanced and it's a matter of luck to beat a dungeon. It's true that scouts' luck can vary the most as long as they are not fighting against mages and that is exactly the case here - I haven't faced a strong mage since twister level 468. If my next opponent is a mage, I will be stuck for quite a long time and you will do better against him.

Also, I am quite sure you can beat the monster you are currently stuck at, if you improve your main attr / const ratio. I think the best ratio is 1.7-1.8 and your current ratio is 1.27 - a lot of health but little firepower.
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