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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
you should talk to George ken on the INT forums as he has completed twister and is a scout.
Thanks, I already have the screenshot with him against the final monster and that's probably all the info I need.

My strategy in the Twister is to focus on each of the "stopper" monsters (every 20 levels there are 4 monsters significantly stronger than the others). Since I am a scout it is clear to me that I need to boost my main attribute against scouts and warriors - not much of a strategy here. The mages however need a little more attention. I try to estimate the average of each hit I make and receive. This way I can decide whether to boost my constitution so that I can survive another hit or whether to boost my main attribute, because surviving another hit is impossible, but if I do more damage, I will succeed. Based on this initial "average damage per hit" data I estimated I will need around 11.5 mln damage and 80 mln constitution to beat the current monster.
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