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Originally Posted by Bullbound View Post
Jaxem, except that if it was every 5 weeks, you would lose some months such as February. The average length of every month is 4.5 weeks, so if they have more 5 week spreads than 4 week spreads...
*groan* I mean bwilliant, yes, that's what I mean, simpwy bwilliant! Thank you, BB!

Well, actually, the average is 4.35 weeks, or if you're such a stickler (oh, yes you are!): 4.345238095238095... weeks.

PAX VOBISCUM, BB - don't smite me now...

[edit] Glad Playa listened to me (yes, me-me-me! ), when I strongly suggested they repeat this really soon, to make up for last week's cock-up...
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