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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
Fortress will be updated. There's just no other option.

Imagine that level 400 would be max and a bunch of people would be stuck at that max level. People would simply quit.

It's just a matter of when will it be updated and in what way.
Not necessarly May a game has stopped updating a part of the game at some point as most games they find adding completely new content is better then adding to older content. Considering how long it currently take to build everything up to level 15 or 20 depending on the building I cant see it being adding more levels to it being financially productive to Playa's bottom line.

Another way to look at it is if only 1 player has spent shrooms just to finish current maxes on buildings who is really gonna spend even more money if they upgrade it and that is the purpose of the game for Playa to make money. Yes it is also to put out a good game cause without that they don't make any money either.

Only way I see any kind of update happening in fortress is 1- upping treasury to lvl 20 and or making a building for all our fruits. because tbh not enough room for items, gems, extra potions and fruit. also add higher exp caps to academy
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