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Default Different answer to Officer Mail & other mail problems.

I have thought of a possible answer to requests for Officer only mail, sending copies of mail to yourself, etc.

Give us the option to mail to multiple people (including ourselves) just like in the private messages here on the forum. So instead of only being able to send to a person or the whole guild, you could send to a group of people separated by a ";" just like in the private messages here & real e-mail for that matter.
Example: "Name 1; name 2; name 3; your own name; name 4; etc"

Now for those of you that have 20 or more officers, I mean really, for the those who have only 2 to 10 it's very doable.

Possibly even allow you to add your own name to a guild wide message.
Example: "Guild; your own name"

Yes, it's more work than a button or special command but it is simpler to program & possibly more flexible.

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