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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you're starting the battle formula at that last hit instead from the beginning of the fight by saying that last 10% of health would've helped you on that last hit, but that 8-9% damage would not have helped as significantly at that very last hit.

Say you did increased damage than you had health, then each hit would be affected by your increased damage, whereas your increased health will most likely be consumed within one hit (having the smallest health of all 3 classes, even more so). So health would be additive whereas damage would be multiplicative. This is why going main stat over health is recommended for all 3 classes because the amount of damage increases with each consecutive swing (thereby influencing the outcome of the battle more heavily), whereas your hit points are constant throughout the fight, which could be seen as a one-time bonus at the beginning of the fight. Even if we say that the extra health affords us one more hit, thereby influencing damage, that additional hit itself is simply an additive bonus, compared to the multiplicative bonus you gain from increasing damage. Add to that the fact that you do greatest damage of all 3 classes. So that last hit scenario is really not taking the whole picture into consideration.

Now your last argument assumes that going hit points will necessarily improve the situation by choosing it instead of damage. The answer is no to both scenarios. You aren't 1-hitting people when you get to my level (obviously this game would be unbalanced against the other two classes if this were the case). But the better path towards optimal play is geared toward damage. I can't say it enough. Because you're gaining health at a slower rate than the other two classes, you're really doing yourself disservice by going that route. You will have to hit more times to take down your opponent, and the health gap between you and your opponent at the beginning of the fight will continue to increase, while the gap between your damage and your opponent's will begin to decrease.

You can choose specific situations where this may not be the case, but I don't know if you can do it without ignoring core elements of gameplay that lead up to those situations, which ultimately rely more on damage than health. And even then, those situations are likely rarer than not.

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