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Originally Posted by spiny norman View Post
I try about a half a dozen times a day and have done about 90% damage at best with a mage. The problem is that despite 12300 int and 11300 con and all-epic equipment Jack the Hammerer can usually take me out in 3 shots and I will need 4 decent critical hits to take him out. So I won't even have a chance unless I get 4 consecutive crits and Jack gets none, and relatively low-level non-critical hits at that. The odds of that happening are probably less than 1 in 200.

No mage on US server 1 currently under level 330 has cleared #130, and one of the 3 above level 350 hasn't yet either.

My brother (character name Groog) is a scout and he beat Jack a couple of levels ago, probably around level 326. I notice when battling in the demon guild portal his numbers are all over the map: against Plunderblargh, a warrior, he'd do 12 million damage one day and 2 million the next. I assume it's related to evade.

Edited to add: and less than 12 hours later, down goes Jack, just as predicted. It took 4 consecutive critical hits. Level 329.

Hey : )

hahaha the magician is very difficult when he Trying fight Dungeons !!

and many magician in level 334 they didn't beat it yet ..

But the scout i see many beat this boss of 13th floor in level : 329 , 326

but i think still i the BEST 303 that's a shock
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