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Playa Games bumped to v1.60.364 a few moments ago. The latest patch was focused on bug fixes with only one game change, a tweak to warrior itemization, included.

Game balance:
  • Warriors will no longer have to spend mushrooms on epic shields. Shields will be gold only.

  • Arena countdowns will not be reset by viewing a guild battle.
  • Fixed an error that occasionally caused players to miss a guild battle after not participating in the previous battle.
  • Failed guild battles will count.
  • Medals will be applied quicker. Previously, this could take up to 24 hours.
  • Invited players will not receive XP gained from guild fights.
  • ‘Hero of the Day’ will now display the entire name of the combatant.
  • Error message when donating more gold than you have has been clarified.
  • Changes to the Guild Chat feature.

Chat about the latest patch in the Official Discussion thread.
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