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"All halt" Theron screamed. The group had been riding all morning and had reached the edge off a town. "Hail Theron" said a man that came forth from a small stone and wooden house. "Hail to you Seran, how goes the blacksmith?" Theron asked. "Fine, fine, cannot complain. The wife wishing I would be around more though" Seran said while scratching his mostly bald head. "Aye, I'm sure she does! But we need those weapons, ye know the Blackened Dragon's have been sighted near. An attack can come at any moment" Said Theron. "Aye, they seem to attack more often as off late" Said Seran while looking Theron straight in the eye. "Not to worry brother, we can take them all. Tell my sister I'll come by again soon for her famous chicken potato stew." Theron said while giving Seran a wink. "She will sure enjoy that" Seran said smiling. "Who are they" Seran asked. "We shall soon find out brother" Theron said while giving his horse the command to move on.

The small group went forward, Antoine looked around and saw only houses around. Some looked like they would fall down any moment. Antoine could make out the blacksmith, something that looked like a tavern, some dwellings, a horse barn and some more buildings left and right. Children were playing down the street with a round wooden ball. A woman was doing laundry in a round tub made of wooden planks bound by metal plates. In the distant stood a large wall with a big gate. The whole town smelled off dirt, animals and open sewer.

"We're defenitely not in Kansas anymore Toto" said Antoine. "What you say?" asked Sarah. "Nothing Sarah, I just find this all very strange" Antoine replied.

They walked through the dirt streets till they reached the large gate. "Open the doors" Theron commanded. The large doors slowly opened. Six men were pushing the large wooden objects open while moaning and groaning. With a large bang the doors came to rest to the stone walls on the sides. The group went in through the gates. "Hail Theron" said an older gentleman. "Hail Zes" Said Theron. "Found the Blackened Dragon's spies?" asked Zes. "Aye, I believe we did" replied Theron. "Fine work, bring them to the main room, King Karanon is waiting on your report" replied Zes. "Aye, right away" Theron replied while dismounting his horse.

"Bring them, it is time they answer to the king" Theron commanded.

[more to come soon, is anybody even still reading these?]

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