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Originally Posted by ToscanToss View Post
Other questions that came to mind after seeing the announcements: how effective is the detector? Considering all the bugs S&F has given us: what's the likelihood of false positives?

And finally: how serious will 'enforcement' be? Because, if I take enforcement of their rules regarding multiple accounts, all I heard from official channels is "we take it very seriously." All I ever heard from actual players is "they don't really care/ not an issue/ go ahead and do it," etc.

Still haven't done either, not worth it, and this game eats up enough time and money as it is, but I'm mildly sceptical at this point.

(And to respect your request, Lady Java, to remain civil in this thread, I won't even venture a mild opinion about botters, cos no matter how mild, I'm afraid it'd lead to yelling eventually, or a flame war. )

I wish I had clue as to the outcome, sorry - guess I'll just join in, waiting for some predictions expectantly, Lady J... Thanks for creating the thread and the poll, this looks interesting.

[edit] I'd vote "IDK" but it has "IDC" attached to it, which isn't the case, so I'm abstaining...
I am going to assume that the enforcement is real Toscan. It would be a pretty elaborate ruse to try to get rid of botters if it wasn't. But as we know from playing other games, some people don't care until they get caught.

Then they want to cry foul and how they have been "unfairly" accused of doing something they did not do even in the face of irrevocably evidence.

I only included the IDC part in the poll for the more apathetic players in the game. Thanks for sharing TT.

Originally Posted by Quilp View Post
I don't think there will be any long term changes for HoF or guild rankings. A top player being banned for a week or two isn't going to drop the player out of the rankings long term. The same is true with guilds.

The only exception would be the player/s who quit the game over the matter. That would have long term HoF and maybe guild ranking impact.
Good points Quilp I forgot that some of the bans will only be temporary.
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