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Originally Posted by Charista View Post
Okay, I just checked Urban Dictionary, and it seems my terminology is old. We always distinguished permanent (ban) from temporary (suspension), but that was 10 years ago. Ban has come to mean prevention of access for any period of time, from minutes to permanent. My apologies.
I think we should work to bring back the old way, C. I'm with you in my understanding and frankly, English is bad enough without making other distinct words into synonyms. I'm hoping that in traditional publications this distinction is still held. I imagine 'ban' got turned into 'suspension' in the natural course of evolution in the interwebs: high emotions and knee jerk reactions, quickly editable access rights, and logical deletes allowing cooler heads to prevail and 'undo' bans afterward, making the indicated ban into only a suspension. ... leading people to talk about how a player was banned, but for only a few days. I've even convinced myself now!!

In honesty though, when indicating a future punishment, I think ban should still mean permanent, and suspension should be the term used to indicate that access will be returned after a duration.

[/2cent rant]
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