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Originally Posted by iTZKooPA View Post
Some good points on this new feature but keep the criticism constructive and then I can do something with it. It is still being evaluated and may change in the future based on customer feedback.
A few ideas:
To make the weapon more effective for big guilds and less effective against small guilds (defined by player count).
More ammo / less cost. Flip the 3/5 ratio, so you can load 5 giant mushrooms for 3 mushrooms each. BUT create a stronger tie between the catapult and an attack/defense. Right now you can load your catapult while at complete peace. You should only be able to load the catapult for a declared attack or defense and the max ammo should be tied to the # of players in the opposing guild.
< 3 members = 0 mushrooms
3-9 - 1 mushroom
10 - 19 = 2 mushroom max
20-29 = 3
30-39 = 4
40-50 = 5

Here's the pseudo reality game logic for this concept: The smaller the army, the faster, more mobile it is. Catapults are not precision weapons and would never be used against a handful of opponents. They require a slower moving body to be fired at for effectiveness.

This type of change would transform the catapult from an expensive lark to a strategic weapon. Less powerful guilds could conceivably defeat a more powerful guild using the weapon. However this also means it would push this much closer into the "they might use it, so I have to use it" strategy camp. So in the end, I'm not sure I like my own idea. Hopefully someone else can run with this in a better direction or kill it.
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