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While this isn't a suggestion thread; some suggestions have been offered. Since this is more of a guild oriented thread; I'd like to see a challenge arena where guilds can challenge other guilds in a way that the current guild attacking doesn't offer.

This would have definite rules so that the strongest guilds are placed on an even footing with other guilds. Some thoughts to get the idea going:

1. A limit on the number of toons from each guild - say 5.
2. No more than two toons of the same class from each guild - therefore 2 - 2 - 1 of any combination of mages, scouts and warriors.
3. A limit on the total of the toons levels - This will allow weaker guilds to field a team to battle stronger guilds.
4. No catapult allowed.
5. Limits and/or timers on how many challengers can be made by a guild or against a guild.
6. A restriction on using the same toon or toons repeatedly.

I have some other ideas such as leagues, schedules and tournaments; but perhaps this or something like it may bring back the excitement. It would seem to be a system that would allow all guilds to challenge any other guild.
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