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As a mage weapons are pure damage forget about int, luck, and con if your average damage increases you should replace your weapon.

+60 int /10 = 6
6*108 = 648

your int without weapon/10 * 108 = X

your int without weapon/10 * 130 = Y

If Y > X+648 than the luck weapon is better.

When the values are really close and you are considering luck you can use your luck as a multiplier say you are at 25% chance with luck and with the new luck item you go to 27% chance. Since a critical hit doubles damage effectively, you can multiple your lower luck weapon damage by 1.25 and compare it to your higher luck weapon damage by 1.27 the higher value is your better choice. You'll find +int as a mage is the most damaging of weapons often better than 3 stat epics.
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