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I've run into this myself, you edit a post & no one knows or you add to the thread & get the double post write up.

So, it seems that it would be really nice if when we edit a post that it updates the thread info with a message like "Lasted edited on xx/xx/xxxx by So&so" or at least have a different icon showing maybe a pencil eraser for an edited post. Then have it flip the thread to unread content & trigger the new content e-mail(s) for thread subscribers.

Thus revealing to all the exciting "hidden" activity that we are currently missing out on.

Or if the system won't allow automating it, how about adding a "Submit & Update Thread" button or a check box for selecting "Update Thread" by the "Reason for Editing" blank, both of which would have the same above effects. This would give people the choice to decide if the edit was something important or just a spelling/grammar correction.

Since none of this would change the post count, spamming for fame should not be any more an issue than it is now & if it's abused for say thread bumping, the "button" for that person could be disabled or they could be written-up, like now.