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well I like the idea of the new achievements there are a some of them than will never be completed by non shroomers

heavy spinner - no non shroomer is going to have 19 spare mushrooms kicking around to do this

globetrotter - without massively drinking beer and having the griffin this will not be possible. lets take a griffin to start. quest times are 2.5, 5, 7.5, and 10. averaged out that is an average of 6:15 a quest. multiple by 21 and you get 131.25. already that is 31 minutes over base thirst. Sure if you are really lucky you can only get 2.5 quests and it will only take 52.5 minutes but how realistic is that going to be?

Fashion Conscious - absolutely ridiculous. what are we supposed to hang onto easter stuff year after year and hope we magically get the items we need. if your not fishing the shop than this will never happen

shroomer - by default

I realize that shroomers should have an advantage over non shroomers as they are the ones that keep the game going but to actually lock players out of gaining things because they are not shroomers is a very very bad business model.
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