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[The following is a second story I have been working on, if you find it interesting just reply in the post I will continue to work on it more if I see people enjoy it]

What are dream runners? Nobody really knows what they are, or were they even come from. All that is known about them is they hunt at night in large numbers, creating the sound of birds fighting when they go, like a black wave of water they emerge out of the shadows. Bringing fear and death to anyone who dares to be in their way.

As long as the great books record history have these creatures been around. And even the mighty scholars that tried to understand these creatures are still arguing about how to deal with this endless plague that is ravaging the world. All but one knows the truth about these creatures of the night, the demons of the forests, and the darkness of man.

Selsior knows about the true nature of these creatures, the return of darkness that is at hand. For mankind wasn’t always as destructive as it is now. Once mankind was one with the world, but as always as is in the nature of man, they desire more. They betrayed nature, began using it for their own power, and to channel the world energy to themselves. The world powers began to flow into an imbalance, many millennia did the world try to keep this fragile balance, but now these powers are running loose without control.

And so the age of darkness had begun, with the the world energies no longer in control of its own destiny, the greed of man will be taken into the world once more. For this is its destiny now. The revenge towards man has begun and no force man can create will stop this, for this is the world.

Selsior knows the world has sent the demons as a warning, but is the warning to late for man to react to this danger. While the great books speak of nothing to stop this darkness, Selsior has known. For it’s passed down from his father to him as was from the generations before him. This darkness can’t be stopped unless the greed of man is returned to the world. Over the decennia the energies were stored unbeknown in seven souls of man and woman. Scattered over the world these seven souls are direct ancestors of the man who brought this fate upon the world. Selsior has searched many years for these souls, and found the first. With the partial energies of the world stored in his body, and the speed of the sword he commands, this man will be the first to find out that his destiny runs with this world.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein

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