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I have been seeing this bug for a long time as well (I'm on s2).

I am a mage, lv 385. My Equipment and gems added manually by me adds up to 11101. My base INT is 10201. I have 15 Earth pets, and a 25% INT potion.

I would think that my displayed INT totals should read:
Basis: 10201
Temporary: 6125 = (Basis+Equipment)*0.25*1.15
Equipment: 11101
Pets: 3994 = (Basis+Equipment)*0.15*1.25

However, my displayed INT totals are actually:
Basis: 10201
Temporary: 6125
Equipment: 10302
Pets: 3994

It seems my Equipment score has the amount (Basis+Equipment)*0.25*0.15 being subtracted from my true equipment total.

(the above was posted in the Attributes calculated wrong thead that has been ignored for months.)
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