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Default September Contest

September Contest

Task: A treasure chest has been found!

Rumor has it that it contains precious ! You cannot open it though as it is locked with a 3-digit combination lock. You also find a letter with a riddle that reads as follows:

Q1: Find out when Playa Games was founded and write down the unit position (= the first number from the right, for example 2015 -> 5)

Q2: There's a pet with many eyes. How many does it have?

Q3: Find a scout weapon that is realistic and write down its page.

Answer each question and send the combination! (for example 123)

Important: if a solution is hidden in a background image, you need to look at the browser or Steam version of the game!

If a certain item, monster, dungeon or text in general is required, switch to the English version of the game!

The winners will be randomly selected! If there are less than 5 correct entries, the total will be shared among all correct entries!

Deadline: 30 September

PS If the monthly contest is still open for entries but you cannot send a forum PM anymore (upcoming forum merger on Friday), send your entry with account name and server via email to [email protected]!

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