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Default "Farm" guilds

I didn't want to hijack the "Save this game" thread.

I'm just curious how that works. No, I'm not interested in having a ... well, I call them feeder guilds.

I only know what I saw for myself.

I saw a top guild make another guild (and a third guild) and put all the lower level members in that second/third guild. Supposedly, the lower levels were supposed to be able to move up into the top guild if someone left or went inactive.

What I ended up seeing is the same people were stuck in the same guilds, even if someone left the top guild, because there was that level 200 that wanted to join from another guild, and well, that level 200 was better than anyone in the "feeder guild" - so those people that were patiently waiting, and hoping to move up into the top guild, well, they got passed over.

And that feeder guild - they never had half the dungeons done. I would think the top players from the top guild would come and help that other guild, seeing as they wanted those players to be there waiting for when they needed to pluck a player.

Yeah, I have a negative view of it, but again, that's just because of what I've seen with my own eyes.

Do these feeder guilds/farm guilds actually ever work the way they are supposed to??
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