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Yes, I also saw the same thing happen where the Defense came first and after I clicked "OK" at the end of the battle, The Attack feed came right on without going to the guild page and played till the end. Both Defend and Attack played completely, hit for hit with no breaks in either fight, just had to click "OK" at the end of the Defend.

But this glitch is not surprising at all, similiar other problems with war & dungeon feeds have happened and have been reported before. It seems this one became more widespread and was viewed at only a certain point of time to another point in time, which to me depicts an intermitent glitch of the server.

However, I was just wondering when they plan on changing the name from 'Shakes & Fidget" to "Bugs & Glitches"....(jj) I know at times it is frustrating as well as annoying for a lot of players to come across these bugs & glitches that commonly occur in this wonderful game.

Community, please report all bugs and glitches, whether you can confirm them or not, posting them, there may be others that can verify your response on the topic so we all can work together and get these fixed.

Also, please remember to use the FORMAT for reporting these as well.